An oasis in the middle of the nature called ranch.Ranch
A resort full of experiences and activities but also a great place to relax.
The origin of this place comes from the Podstatský”s duke era. This new resort full of plants, animals and experiences has been buit in 2020. It’s atmosphere would be mostly appreciated by families with children.
- accomodation
- wheelchair accessible
- restaurant ( now closed)
- parking
- horses, ponies, stabling
- pony and horse riding
- riding course for children (5 to 10 years)
- stabling 
- hippotouristic routes around 

Contact: Salaš 491, 588 56 Telč
More info in English: +420 722 187 803
Landlord”s contact: tel. +420 602 491 230
e-mail: jolanasimkova@seznam.cz
You can get to us from the central parking Na Sádkách (1 km) or from the cycling trail Lipky (on a bicycle or by foot)


You will find something here that is not in Telč, but definitely belongs to Telč. There are stables for 16 horses under one roof in spacious boxes with adjacent paddocks, equipped with drinking fountains with water.Ranch
In particular, ponies 90 cm high are ready for young riders, who can rent these ponies with their parents and walk with them on the adjacent meadow, or on the way to Telč and back.
Currently, nine beautiful and good animals are waiting for you.
You will also find two beautiful Gypsy Irish tinkers for older children or their parents. Definitely worth a look at the beautiful Andalusian donkeys, who came to us from southern Spain, from Gibraltar
Their unique and exceptional breeding can also be seen in the Farm Court in Bohuslavice (www.hospodarskydvur.cz).
We would like to replace the "school farm" in the full sense of the word, because it is
missing in Telč.
A place where children can touch the animals directly, meet them, learn how to take care of them.
A stylish restaurant awaits you for possible celebrations such as weddings, school lectures, film screenings and professional science seminars, especially about ani- mals and their breeding.
You will also find almost two thousand plants, trees and shrubs from the plant king- dom.
The alleys that line the borders of the Ranch and the adjacent meadows are plant- ed with apple, pear, cherry, rowan, plum, gooseberry, currant, raspberry, blackberry trees.
Here everyone can pluck ripe fruits.
Children will see what a plant and a tree look like, how they bloom, what their fruits are and how they taste.
Arriving from the city is lined with an alley of small lindens and elms, which in adult- hood today small children, will provide shade and a pleasant environment for future generations.Ranch
The Ranch also remembers such children who are dependent on a wheelchair and their mother.
For these children, we have built five spacious barrier-free apartments with bath- rooms for the disabled.
The other four are for more demanding clients, such as wedding guests and other guests.
Other accommodation for adventurers will be in camp tents, teepees and gypsy caravans.
Also directly on the hay in small wooden "barns".
Our goal is happy and satisfied children who will take away from us not only an experience, but also knowledge that neither current education nor family can give them.
We are here for you and we want to be different from the others.
This year's season is the first, starting, so please excuse any minor shortcomings. If you are interested, contact the head of the Ranch, Jolana Simková, tel.: +420 602 491 230

We look forward to your visit.
Jiří Kovář, rancher
VLOŽIL: Petr Mach (01.12.2020) , UPRAVIL: Eliška Rodová (12.01.2021)
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