František Kožík

Born on 16 May 1909 in Uherský Brod Died on 5 April 1997 in Prague
Poet, novelist

He spent his childhood in Uherský Broad, but largely also with his grandfather, a district judge in Telč. He started his grammar school studies in Uherský Brod (1919-1925) and finished them in Brno in 1927. Then he studied at the Brno Faculty of Law (doctorate in 1931), and simultaneously attended the Drama Department of the Brno Conservatory (also completed in 1931). For another two years he studied at the Faculty of Arts. In this period he was a candidate for the post of judge; however soon his artistic leanings prevailed. Until 1941 he was employed with the Czechoslovak Radio in Brno in varied positions (mostly a reporter and scenario writer), in the period 1941-1951 he was the script editor of the Czech Radio in Prague. In the subsequent years he was a free-lance writer, an arts manager at the Variety Theatre Management in Prague, and eventually a script editor of the Czech State Film in Prague. The poetry, novels and plays written by Kožík are extensive in number and varied in theme. He was a lyrical poet aiming at the expression of human feelings. Most of his works published in the 1930s were poems (collections of poems Thorny Constellations, On the Beach of Night, The Road to People), and like in his later poetry, he celebrated life and the beauties of nature.
However, it is difficult to say whether later became rather a novelist or a playwright. He achieved the greatest success with his biographical novels: The Greatest of the Pierots (the protagonist is the French mime of Czech origin Gaspard Deburau), The Poet Does Not Die (on the Portuguese poet Camóes), Josef Mánes (on the famous 19th century Czech painter), A Fanfare for the King, but also with his documentary books on Cervantes and on Comenius. Apart from novels, he wrote a considerable number of short stories, both for adults and children. It is for the latter that he wrote most often on sports topics (e.g.- on the legendary Czech runner Emil Zátopek, on Czech pioneers of skiing, on cycle racing, etc.) Kožík dedicated to children also many of his poetry volumes and short stories from the school environment. His drama writings include a number of radio plays, film scripts, opera and operetta librettos, and theatre plays for both young people and adults.
The specific atmosphere of the south Moravian spa Luhačovice inspired him to write the romantic comedy The Town of Happy Loves dedicated to Telč amateur actors whose premiere took place in 1962 in the Telč castle (
Last but not least, one of Kožík’s strongest inspirations was the town of Telč to which he developed a warm relationship thanks to his family links, which is reflected in all the three genres of his writings: in poetry, fiction and drama. Telč is the setting of some of his short stories for children (“The Flag of the Winners”, “The Curl of Hair” – the latter also as a radio play), his collections of poetry (“The City of Memories”), essays and radio series, but also a Guide to Telč, and lyrical texts set to music. The best known of his Telč-related works is the romantic short story “The Lake Rose” about the meeting and love of his parents in Telč.

Mr. and Mrs. Kouba: The Chronicle of the Amateur Theatre in Telč; J. Vlček: František Kožík and his Literary Relationship to Telč (diploma thesis, 1966; Personal Memoirs)
VLOŽIL: Terezie Veselá (31.05.2012) , UPRAVIL: Eliška Rodová (20.11.2020)
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