Twin towns - Sister cities

Twin towns - Sister citiesWaidhofen an der Thaya (Austria)
Waidhofen an der Thaya is located in the area Waldviertel, the northernmost region of the federal state Lower Austria. The city of Waidhofen is currently a district city and it has got about 6 000 inhabitants. The town hall from the year 1601 dominates the square and on the highest spot there is the parish church "Temple of the forest district" (Dom des Waldviertels) built in the years 1716 - 1723. Visitors of Weidhofen should not miss the museum tour explaining the history of the city that contains lots of historical exhibits.
Waidhofen has been Telč's sister city since 1990, the partnership has been officially confirmed 20. October 1991. The cooperation is being developer mainly in the area of culture.

Twin towns - Sister citiesŠaľa (Slovakia)
Šaľa, located on the Danubian Lowland, is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia. Šaľa is currently a district city with 25 000 inhabitants. The city surrounds beautiful nature. The most popular attraction there is a thermal swimming pool located in a near village Diakovce. The cooperation has been established before the year 1989 and currently is being developed in areas of culture and sport.

Belp (Switzerland)
The town with nearly 9000 inhabitants is located only 15 kilometers away from the Swiss capital city Bern. The town Belp footbridge over the Ulický ponddoes not offer many historic sights, but it is surrounded by beautiful nature. Belp lies in the vally of the river Aare in approximately the same height above mean sea level as Telč (app. 520 meters AMSL). However a little less than 50 kilometers from the town can be found one the highest Alpine mountains - Jungfrau (4158 meters AMSL). The Bern International Airport is partly located on the cadastral territory, which possitively affects Belp economy.
The partnership with Telč has been confirmed in the year 1991. The towns cooperate primarily in the areas of schooling and societies.
The proof of the town's partnership is Belp footbridge over the Ulický pond in Telč, which has been ceremonially open on 28.8.2013. There have been memorial tablets installed both in Belp and in Telč (financial donation from Belp). The town Belp and it's councilman Walter Straub were awarded with the prize of the town Telč in the year 1998.

Twin towns - Sister citiesRothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany)
A Bavarian city Rothenburd ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. The city has 12000 inhabitants, however it is being visited by more than 2 milions of tourists per year. Rothenburg is a city that lives both in the past and the present times and in which various architecture styles meet each other.
Rothenburg has became a sister city of Telč with support of President of the Federal Republic of Germany - Richard von Weizsäcker in the year 1991. The cities' cooperation mainly aims to the area of culture.

Twin towns - Sister citiesFigeac (France)
The common interest of the both towns is preservation of sights.

Wilber (Nebraska, USA)
The town with 3000 inhabitants has been a Twin towns - Sister citiescapital city for Czech residents in the USA since 1963. Descendants of Czech immigrants live there and constant interest about Czech Republic unites them.

VLOŽIL: Jan Strakoň (17.10.2013) , UPRAVIL: Eliška Rodová (13.01.2021)
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