Surrounding towns and cities- by car

Basilica of St. Prokop – (+420 568 847 070) this basilica belongs to the most precious medieval monuments of Central Europe and has in AD 2003 been registered on the UNESCO-list of cultural world heritage.
Jewish ghetto – with 123 houses, this ghetto is unique in the whole world. Narrow alleys, public passages, arches, verandahs and balconies create a very characteristic atmosphere. We advise you to visit the two synagogues, the cemetery, several living houses, amongst which the house of the rabbi, the school, the hospital and the poorhouse. In AD 2003, the ghetto has been registered on the UNESCO-list of cultural world heritage. Guides: +420 777 197 835
River spa „Plovárna Polanka“ – (+420 568 843 106) Plovárna Polanka is the work of one of Czechia´s most famous architects, Bohuslav Fuchs. You easily spend a whole day here.

The house of Hoffmann – (+420 567 216 128) in an old-fashioned house at the square of Brtnice one of the most prominent architects of the first half of the 20th century was born, Prof. Josef Hoffmann, the leading person of Vienna´s Jugendstil, founder of the so-called „Vienna Workshops“ (1903). In five rooms of the house a permanent exhibition about his life and his oeuvre has been installed.

The underground corridors – (+420 567 167 887) the system of underground corridors of Jihlava is the most extended in the Czech Republic. The total length of the corridors is almost 25 kms and they cover a surface of 50 000 m². The system has three floors.
ZOO- ( tel: 420 567 573 730) - this so-called „ZOO without bars“ is situated in the picturesque valley of the river „Jihlávka“, in the immediate neighbourhood of the city-centre. The ZOO houses about 100 different sorts of rare animals. The area contains a playground for children (with a lot of attractions) and further consists of lakes, forests, meadows and rock formations.
Swimming pool „Vodní Ráj“ (Water Paradise) – (+420 567 230 166, this swimming pool contains long and shorter slides, a wild water river, a bubble bath and massage baths. It has a larger outdoor part, opened during the summer-season, and an indoor part, opened throughout the year. Visitors of the swimming pool further have at their disposal a steam cabin, a sauna, massage rooms and a solarium.

Surrounding towns and cities, by car – first dayTřešť - town of carved nativity scenes
The Birth House of Prof. J. A. Schumpeter – (+420 567 234 567) one of the most important economists of the 20th century and Austria´s first minister of Finances was born in Třešť. In the house you find an exposition of nativity scenes as well.
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The most visible monument of this town is the 51 ms high, Renaissance tower of the church of St. Vavřinec, built during the years 1586-1592. Because of the first sugar cube of the world, which has been produced in Dačice in 1843, a granite monument has been erected. The originally Renaissance castle (1591), renovated in Baroque and later on in Classicist style, houses the towns´ gallery and museum.

The complete inner town of Slavonice is a monumental zone. The biggest attraction of Slavonice is formed by the Gothic and Renaissance merchant houses at the square, many of which are decorated with statues and by pictures in so-called sgraffitta-technique. Well-known are also the ancient halls of these houses, their cellars and the whole underground complex of corridors in the town, which has recently been opened to visitors.

This is the ruin of a huge fortress near the borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria. The castle has been constructed in Romanesque style, at the beginning of the 13th century. Nowadays, its remains belong to the largest and best preserved castle ruins in Czechia.

Nature reserve „Czech Canada“
The thinly populated area between Slavonice, Kunžak and Nová Bystřice bears the name of „Czech Canada“, for its harsh climate and its virginlike nature. One comes across strangely shaped boulders and rock formations scattered throughout the region. Ancient legends, some of which date back to Celtic times, doubtless found their origins in these phenomena.

Jindřichův Hradec
The inner town is a monumental zone, proud on its large number of monuments and architectural attractions.

The castle of Jindřichův Hradec
The Gothic fortress was built in the years 1260 – 1270 and was incorporated in the Renaissance castle in the 16th century. The famous White Lady (Bílá paní) regularly appeared in this castle.

Nativity scene „Krýzovy jesličky“
Represents the local tradition of carving nativity scenes and is exhibited in the regional museum of Jindřichův Hradec - Muzeum Jindřichohradecka

The narrow railway Obrataň
Leave your car for a while and make use of this ancient steam train, to make a trip through the romantic landscape of the Highlands. With a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour it takes you from Obrataň to Nová Bystřice and back.

VLOŽIL: Eliška Rodová (07.01.2021) , UPRAVIL: Eliška Rodová (17.05.2021)
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